Easter egg on Spell Number v1.03 that enable Emoji icon on non-jailbreak iPhone/iPhone Touch

Before use the easter egg, make sure that the OS version of your iPhone/iPod Touch’s is at least 2.2, I have tested and the easter egg works at least on 2.2 and 2.21.

  1. Launch Spell Number, and enter secret digit 9876543.21 91929394.59



  2. Quit Spell Number by pressing the home button and return to home screen. Now open “Settings”

  3. iPhone OS 2.x and OS 3.x: Go to General->Keyboard->International Keyboards->Japanese, and now you will find a new switch called “Emoji”, check it if you want to enable Emoji keyboard. You can also uncheck it to disable Emoji keyboard later.


    iOS 4.x or above: Go to General->Keyboard->International Keyboards->Add New Keyboards…, and now you will find a new keyboard called “Emoji”

  4. If you cannot find the emoji option, please reboot your iPhone/iPod Touch. We find that in newer iPhone OS, the preference is cached so we have to reboot the iPhone/iPod Touch to refresh the preference. You should able to see the emoji option after reboot.
  5. Now the Emoji keyboard is enabled, go to any program (I use Notes for example), click any field to popup the keyboard, click the “Earth” icon until Emoji popup


You can also delete Spell Number if you don’t want it, the setting will still be here.

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Completion on QTP-based light-weighted automation testing framework

It’s a good day that I complete the  QTP-based light-weighted automation testing framework.


1. more error handles and the test can continue to  execute the next steps or test case even if this step or test case failed

2. The AUT, application and web tools can be appied and tested by this testing framework

3. Better test report. the tester can get the result from excel and QTP report

4. The steps in test case and test data are less coupled.  The tester can design the test case more flexibly

5. Each step in the test case is a function. The functions can be  available from the common functions library. Also we can write the test script for specified test case. Also  more flexible and easier for testcase design.

6. The test script in the framework can run fast even it needs to access the excel files. But the excel files are loaded as the data table, not accessed via the COM interface, so it’s very fast to process.

7. For the web tools, no matter which technology is used like AJAX, GWT or others, can be tested by this framework.

Some sample functions used in the testing:

Sub checkResetWorks()

Set oDesc =  Description.Create()
oDesc(“name”).value = “WebEdit”
oDesc(“type”).value = “text”
oDesc(“html tag”).value = “INPUT”

set editCollection = Browser(“GovcorpFeedsOperation”).Page(“GovcorpFeedsOperation”).ChildObjects(oDesc)

NumberOfEdits = editCollection.count
flag = False
For i = 0 To NumberOfEdits – 1
textInEdit = editCollection(i).getROProperty(“value”)
If len(textInEdit)>0 Then
flag = True
Exit For
End If

If (flag=True) Then
Err.raise 101
End If

End Sub

Function inputSearchConditionWithText(Sheet_Name)
flag = -1
label= DataTable(“search_field”, Sheet_Name)
condition= DataTable(“condition”, Sheet_Name)
ops= DataTable(“con_ops”, Sheet_Name)

if Len(ops)<1 then
End if

rownum= browser(“GovcorpFeedsOperation”).Page(“GovcorpFeedsOperation”).GWTAccordion(“accordion”).WebTable(“webtable”).RowCount

For i = 0 To rownum – 1
textInWebElements = browser(“GovcorpFeedsOperation”).Page(“GovcorpFeedsOperation”).GWTAccordion(“accordion”).WebTable(“webtable”).GetCellData(i,1)
pos = instr(1,textInWebElements,label,1)
‘msgbox “text: “&textInWebElements& ”   and pos:  “&pos
If pos>0 Then
Exit For
End If


If flag=-1 Then
Err.raise 101
End If

set oWebEdit=Browser(“GovcorpFeedsOperation”).Page(“GovcorpFeedsOperation”).WebEdit(“type:=text”,”name:=WebEdit”,”html tag:=INPUT”,”index:=”&flag)
set oWebList=Browser(“GovcorpFeedsOperation”).Page(“GovcorpFeedsOperation”).WebList(“name:=select”,”html tag:=SELECT”,”index:=”&flag)

oWebEdit.Set condition

oWebList.Select ops

wait 1

End Function

Function  searchByConditionsWithText(Sheet_Name)

flag = False

Call inputSearchConditionWithText(Sheet_Name)


While  Browser(“GovcorpFeedsOperation”).Page(“GovcorpFeedsOperation”).WebElement(“ProcessingRequest”).Exist(2)

If Browser(“GovcorpFeedsOperation”).Dialog(“MsgDialog”).Exist(2) then

flag = checkDialogMsg(“severity”)
‘msgbox “One dialog is popped up”

End if

wait 1


if (flag=True) then

Err.Raise 101
end if

‘Call oReporterManager.Report(“Pass”,”Step: searchByConditions”,”Search the result by conditions successfully”,”Test Passed”,””)

End Function

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is training on Project Monitoring and Controlling

Hope can get what I expect

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Hello world!

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